Fort Lenardwood

Fort Leanardwood was built in the 1940s for World War II. It is still a very active military base. Lots and lots of land.


We attended graduation for 3 soldiers that we met this past week. Two are being reassigned to different bases and one is staying there to complete the next 6 weeks of training.


We then went to a cave and we had to hike down to it, it was quite the hike and I was afraid of breaking my ankle again. That will always be on the back of my mind.


The museum had three different sections:

  • Engineering
  • Chemical
  • Military Police (MP)

Engineering section:

Had information all the way from the Revolutionary War until the present day wars. It was a very interesting section. Here are some photos

Military Police

The section had all the information about the role of being an MP from the earliest to the latest. Had different weapons and vehicles. Here are some pictures


The gruesome side of the war, just that we have to resort to killing people with chemical weapons like

  • Agent Orange
  • Mustard Gas

Here are some pictures:


We then ate at Charlie’s in the exchange. If you ever get the chance to stop by and look at this fort here in St. Roberts. 

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