Flight to Austin

The second leg of the journey was from Denver to Austin, Texas. We were on another United flight aboard an A-320.

Tight connection

We were late taking off from SLC, and this put us on a tight connection.  We got off the plane, like one of the first 15 people and we rushed to our gate. It was about a 6 min walk, well according to the text I got.

Welcome to Denver! You’ll arrive at Gate B15.

Flight UA1114 to Austin departs from Gate B32 at 8:20 pm.  It takes about 6 minutes (s) to get to Gate B32.

Got there about 10 min before the final boarding call. That was a fast walk.


This flight wasn’t that full. A lot of empty seats and I asked the flight attendant if we could take an open spot. Our row had all three people on the row and so the guy on the aisle. Looked at me and said makes sense. Then he moved to an open row on the aisle. I was going to have my son move.

I couldn’t get a good video of the takeoff, it was too dark outside. I meant the flight left at 8:25 PM.

I didn’t get any drinks this time around. I got a Coke on the first flight and that didn’t settle my stomach like it used to.

It was dark and I took off my face mask and was snacking sort of. Just didn’t want to wear it.

Overall Thoughts

Flying United was OK, nothing like the horror stories I have heard bout them. I like to take non-stop flights. I don’t do layovers. This is what I think United does all the time.