Enterprise Car Rental — St. Louis

We picked up the car in Kansas City and we needed to return it in St. Louis. That is how it works. We drove around looking for it and we found it off-airport and it was a quick in and out.  But you had to look for it, the map showed it somewhere by the airport.

Filled it up

We filled it up and drove and dropped it off. The Enterprise car rental place is located here

They were nice and they gave us a discount which was nice. 

Better than Kansas City

This was a much better experience than Kansas City, the young lady who returned the car for us told us to call and complain and we might get a discount the next time we are in Kansas City.  I opted not to call. Since it is highly unlikely we will be back in Kansas City needing a car. You never know we might. But we will have to see.


We got the shuttle to the airport it was a nice shuttle, with water on such a muggy day.  Took us to the drop-off and that was it.

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