Enchanted Princess, Deck 16

Towards the top of the shop. This is called the Lido deck.  This is a busy place.

Deck 16, the Lido

Now, this is a deck that has a mixture of public and staterooms. The forward of the ship is full of Staterooms  The rest of the ship is full of adventure.

What does it offer

It offers

  • Staterooms
    • Forward
  • Slice Pizza
  • The Mix
    • Bar
  • The Salty Dog Grill
  • Sky pool
    • 3 Hot tubs
  • Sea walk
  • SeaView Bar
  • Swirls
  • Marketplace buffet
  • The pastry shop
  • Wake View Pool
  • Wake view bar

Food and sun

Yep, this is full of food and pools. I did eat at the buffet, swirls, pizza, and the salty dog. The pastry shop was a great place to stop.

Map of Deck 16