Drink Package

My wife said that she didn’t need the drink package and that she would only order one or two drinks.

Did you order

My drink package? Hum, I thought you weren’t going to get it this time. She looks at me like I am stupid or something. I went and ordered her a drink package.

It was $89.61 for a week. Yes, for a week. That is a lot of money. That is $12.89 a day, and 8.5 drinks a day. That is at $1.50 a glass.

Worth it

In my opinion, it wasn’t worth it. That is a lot of drinks for the day. That is about 59.75 soda’s for the week. Yes, I could have drank that much soda back in the day. Now that I don’t consume caffeine, my soda intake is down to a few a week, if that.

But for my wife who lives for Diet Coke, it was a lifeline. So, yea, it was worth it.

Did she drink

That many drinks per day. Yea, I do believe she did. I filled her Stanley cup with ice in the buffet, due to it being pebble ice. Then I would go down to the 5th floor to the bar that was open and they would fill it up. Then Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner she would have a few. So yea, it was well worth the money for the Diet Coke.


I got 12 bottles of water and I drank most of them, I didn’t leave the ship for three ports, thus not taking any water off the ship. So, I shared it with my parents-in-law. I drank a ton of water on the ship.

Love Soda

If you love the taste of soda, then this is for you. If you think you can drink 8 or more soda drinks in a day, then go for it. It is there for you.