Disc Golfing

You know since the kids are with me on this vacation, they decided to hit a disk golf course in Green River, Utah. Yep, I think this course is number 100 on this trip. OK, not quite a 100 or 10, but it seems they play a lot to just throw a frisbee around.

Green River

We are at the Green River State Park Golf Course. So they took a golf course and put in baskets for the disc golfing people. This is a good idea to make more revenue. Since this is on a golf course you get a golf cart.

You pay $7 USA dollars to drive the cart and $7 more to play. So $14 for both.

There are 2 different tees per hole.

  • Amuter
  • Pro

Of course, they played the Pro tee. It is sort of like me playing where the pros play at golf. I wouldn’t do that, since I am not that good. But whatever suits them right.


It was a nice warm day in Green River see  below.

Yes, 97 degrees and they were out playing disc golfing. I am not playing, maybe I should start it up.

By the time the 9th hole came up it was 99.8 degrees.

By the time they finished it was 100.4

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