Day 4, Monday, May 28, 2018, Alaska Trip

Today is Monday and the stop is in Juneau today and it is a rainy day I guess it is a day for that. We arrived about 11 AM but couldn’t get off until about 11:15ish. There was a big long line to get off and it took a while as it seemed half of the ship wanted to get off at some point. My son, Ryker, who is on a scooter due to breaking his foot in the hours leading up to leaving. Was already off the ship as he got to go ahead of the crowd.

Walmart or bust

My wife wanted to go to Walmart but it closed down, so we paid $10 per person for a round trip ride to go to Fred Myer to buy a few things. Which included a new suitcase. I still don’t know the reason behind this but she got a new suitcase out of it. We got back to the ship and I bought the stuff back on the ship.

Mendenhall Glacier

Then we went out and caught the shuttle to Mendenhall Glacier. It has gotten smaller since I was last here. Got a few good pictures. Some of the group went on to the Nugget falls, I, however, didn’t. My back was getting stiff and hurting.

We got back to the ship and ate a late linner, you know the cross between lunch and dinner, in the buffet.


Mt. Roberts Tram

Then we ventured back off of the ship and went up on the Mt. Roberts Tram and that was a stunning view of the bay or harbor. There were 4 cruise ships in port today and it was a stunning view of what beauty would look like if you had never seen it before.

Once down with that, we walked past a gift shop which had I think 80% of the things we bought at Fred Myer. (I sometimes starch my head at the things we do)

Back on the ship

We got back on the ship and we weren’t really hungry until my wife heard that there was Halibut and Ryker heard there were King crab legs. So we headed down to the dining room. She didn’t get the halibut, as it was in a Thai coconut curry. Ryker got the King crab and chicken and waffles. I got the Cocoa-spiced rubbed pork tenderloin with a Bourbon Onion Relish. We didn’t really need to eat, but why not.

And that capped off the night. Tomorrow will be another day and that will be in Skagway.

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