Coming up is all about traveling and highlights of things I do or travel adventures.

Talk about

I don’t like to tell people where I am going beforehand because there are scumbags out there that will come and rob you blind.

The way I do things is the following:

  • Book the trip
  • Go on the trip
  • Film and write about the video
    • Need to do better
  • Come home
  • Start to talk about it
  • It could take a while to talk about all the things I did


Depending on the trip and the amount of stuff I have to discuss, it could take a few days to two months.

Upcoming stuff

I have two trips to discuss. However, I will discuss the second trip first, as its content is more relevant. I don’t want to discuss the second trip in March 2024.


I have talked about this before, but I thought I would remind people of the way I do things. So come back tomorrow, November 21, 2023, for the start of the second trip. Here are the trips I will be talking about

  • Kanas city
    • November 21- December 5, 2023
      • Every day
  • Panama Cruise
    • December 5, 2023 – February 24, 2024
      • Monday – Friday

I have elected to talk about Kansas first. You will see why when the posts start.