Cemetery of the Pacific

This is also known as the Punchbowl Cemetery.


This is located here


It was formed some 75,000 years ago during secondary volcanic activity.  The ejection of hot lava thru some cracks in the coral reef created it.

The first use of this area was an altar where human sacrifices to Pagan gods. They killed violators of the many taboos. Yea they had a lot of taboos. At one point in the 1890s, this was suggested to become a cemetery due to the growing population of Honolulu. That was a big no. However, 50 years later congress authorized the establishment of a national cemetery in Honolulu. However, it needed to pass 2 things,

  • Acceptable to the War Department
  • Donated rather than purchased

The Governor of Hawaii offered the Punchbowl for this purpose in 1943, but the $50,000 appropriation proved insufficient. But it was later made into a cemetery.

In 1949 the cemetery was dedicated. There were the following buried there.

  • 53,000 War Veterans from
    • World War II
    • Korean War
    • Vietnam

Servicemen from around the pacific

  • Guam
  • Wake Island
  • Japanese POW camps

All have been relocated here.

Several Medal of Honor Recipients are buried there


Here are some pics

My thoughts

I have wanted to come here for the longest time. The last time I was here, we didn’t make it here, so this was a must for me. Just seeing this place where all the people who fought for freedom around the pacific. The feeling was just so peaceful. If you have an opportunity check it out.