Cartagena, Colombia

What is the first thing you think of when you hear Cartagena, Colombia? Well, let’s talk about this city.

The City

This was one of the major ports on the northern coast of Colombia because Cartagena borders the Caribbean Sea. This made it a great spot for trade with the West Indies.

This port was also used for the import of enslaved Africans. The port was also protected against pirate attacks in the Caribbean.


  • Country
    • Colombia
  • Department
    • Soilvar
  • Region
    • Caribbean
  • Foundation
    • June 11, 1533
  • Founded by
    • Pedro de Heredia
  • Named for
    • Cartagena, Spain
  • Population
    • 914,552
      • Rank
      • 5th
  • GDP
    • Year 2023
    • $17.1 billion


Here is a brief history of Cartagena.

  • First sightings by Europeans
    • 1500-1533
  • Colonial era
    • 1533-1717
  • Viceregal era
    • 1717-1811
      • 1741 Attack
      • Silver age 1750-1808
  • 1811 to 21st century

Misc Things

The climate is an average of 82 degrees Farient

They do have some areas that are free zones, which apply to special taxes and customs rules.  That would be nice.

Tourism is significant here. There is a lot to see.

You can go to the following to find out more information.

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This was an exciting city. We arrived via the harbor, and the water was dirty. We saw a dead floating pig and litter everywhere. It is just like any other city. It has its issues. It does have a lot of history, and I would like to see more of it.

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