Adventure in Cartagena, Ruby Princess

Old city Cartagena is where we went today. Let’s talk about what we did

Sea Rumba

This tour includes a Sea Rumba and a look at the old city. When we finally got off the ship, we had to walk a long way to the boat. It was a hot day out there.

Once we walked awhile, we got to a boat.

I boarded the boat and headed off on the tour. As we made our way to the city where the tour would begin, Here are some pictures of the city

Old City

Before we left the secure area, we were told the following:

  • You will be asked repeatedly if you want to buy stuff.
  • Please don’t take pictures of women with fruit on their heads
    • They will follow you around until you pay them
  • Just say no to vendors

They were right. Many vendors scooped down on us and walked around us while we were taking the tour.

The old city was a great place to visit. It has a lot of history, small streets, and cool buildings.

The tour company partnered with a gem store, and we could go in there and cool down, get some water, and use the restroom. What is up with no toilet seat on the toilets? More pictures

We did some shopping in the old city.

Sea Rumba part

We returned to the secure area and waited for the boat to arrive. It was late, and it was hot. Look at the weather image above. Once it came, it was rocking some good music.

We boarded, and then the party started. Salsa dancers and alcohol were flowing.

I don’t drink, but I did have some water. There was a band aboard, and there was dancing—a lot of dancing.

My wife even got involved in the dancing.

Back at Port

There was a gift shop, so we checked it out. Due to the time crunch, I was afraid we were going to miss the boat, but we made it back. There were long lines to check out. They also had a little zoo there.

Back on the ship

Once we got back on the ship, I saw the following

So yea… Don’t be stupid.


This was a good tour; I recommend this excursion if you go aboard a Princess ship to Cartagena. The Old City was terrific. I liked it. However, the Sea Rumba was loud and needed more drink options. But that is just me.


Check out the video.

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