Cabo Excursion

Today is Cabo San Lucas and it is a tender to the pier as it doesn’t have a dock, I am not sure if it is just not deep enough or big enough. So what do we have planned for the day? Well, let’s talk about it.

After breakfast, we headed towards the front of the ship and got Spectacular theatre to get ready for our excursion. Which was the Land and Sea boat tour, which we only did the boat part of it?

Boat Tour

We got off the ship as one of the first ones on the Tenders due to our excursion which we booked thru Carnival’s website. We waited around for about 30 min, and then we went and got on the boat, yes we got off a boat to get on another one. It was called, the Cabomar boat

They took us on a tour of the harbor and bay and out into the Pacific Ocean and we saw a Whale and her calf. It was an interesting ride.

They had soda and water to drink, I was bound and determined to just drink water, but my wife forgot that the Diet Coke is not Diet Coke like she likes. So I drank some Light Coke, It is basically just Coke Zero. I drank it and it was just fine.

City of Cabo

We walked around the marina, and I looked at the boats and my son wanted to get a picture on some rocks, I wasn’t sure where they were or what he was really talking about. We were so close, but yet so far away. It is a very tourist city, Some parts of very friendly and will accept USD and give you back change in USD, others not so much.

Here are some Video

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