Branson, MO

Today on the trip it is a Monday and that meant a trip to a place Called Branson, Missouri. Yes, the city in Missouri. I think it is called the Vegas of the East, well that is what I will call it. My wife has always wanted to go there. So here is stuff about Branson.

What is Branson


  • 1882
    • General Store and post office
  • 1894
    • Marble Cave was brought and renamed Marvel Cave
  • 1907
    • The shepherd of the hills was published
  • 1960
    • Silver Dollar City was opened
      • Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s feud was played out
  • 1962
    • The Beverly Hillbillies was created here
      • Ran on first run TV until 1971
  • 1967
    • The Presley family became the first to move their show to Branson
    • The Baldknobbers followed
  • 1980’s Early
    • Chisai Child’s Starlite Theater introduced stage sets, horn section and costume changes
    • Traditional country music played
  • 1983
    • Branson began to transform into a major tourist area

I could go on and on. But there is a lot of people coming to Branson and building their own Theaters, eventually, there would be close to 50 of them.

Andy Williams built his in 1992.

In 2012 an EF-2 tornado touched down. It was February and not that busy.

Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex

Is where we went to see the George Strait Tribute band. Yea, I know he isn’t dead, but hey his tickets are expensive in Vegas. So why not see the tribute band.


It was an interesting town, small but interesting, they have a Titanic Museum. Lots of craft stores and other nick nac stores. However, you might need to get there early. As it closes down like at 8 PM. It was a fun little city to visit.

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