All Access Tour, BOS

I like to see how the ship runs and operates, so I signed up for the all-access tour. Well, almost an all-access time.

Fill out a Waiver

They send a wavier to your room and an information sheet about when the tour will start. The app said 9:30 AM, but the paper said 9 AM. I didn’t read the document well, and I was 17 min late to the tour and had to go to a card room on Deck 4.

Main Dining Room

I missed the first bit of the main dining room, but I got there to hear a little. But a big dining room takes the back of the ship over decks 4 and 5. You have seen the pictures on the dining room post.


Next, we stepped into where the food was made, which was a cool thing to see. If you have a soda package, this is where they get it filled up fast. Just right inside the door. Yes, they server Coke products.

The way they have it organized is pretty good, and they are getting food out to 2500 guests. Ok, they don’t all eat in the main dining room. Here are some pictures of the galley


Down below is where the food is stored. Once it comes in, they offload it from wood pallets to steel pallets. Then put it in the correct spot.

They have several different storage areas:

Cheese and things


Dry stuff

The exciting thing is that they keep this one locked up.


Not locked up

Ice cream


They have some water-tight doors that seal off if there is a leak so the ship doesn’t sink.

They also do their part in recycling and ensuring the environment is good.

Engine control room

This is where they, of course, manage all the engines and views from several cameras. Security had to pat us down before we were allowed to enter and stayed with us for a bit.

They go thru about 39,000 gallons of fuel per day.


We had to make sure our hands were sanitized before we entered. Security was still with us. We were looking at the bridge when our tour was cut short. Due to a yellow alert, a possible Romulan warship was in the area. There was a yellow alert, and it was due to the weather and the fog.

Laundry room

We used remote crew access from the ship’s 10th floor to the bottom. Where the laundry is done, they have a machine that will dry, iron, and fold the linens. It is pretty big.


We could go backstage and see what they do in the program. It was interesting.

My thoughts

The ship is enormous, and they constantly work to get things done. There is a loading dock where everything comes in, and they even have their own ramp and luggage racks, you know what the porters use to bring your luggage onto the ship.

They also have this thing called the I-95, which runs the length of the ship. That was pretty cool. The tour cost me $149. I did get to keep the all-access badge and got some of these

They only didn’t show the server room and network stuff. Not sure why not, but that is one thing I would have loved to see. You know, being in tech and also a nerd.


Check out the video