Airport, SLC

I am back at The Salt Lake International airport for another trip. The airport is still undergoing construction.  Seems like it will never be finished.  We were dropped off at terminal 1 since that is where JetBlue is at.  TSA was closed, but we still were able to use Precheck.


  • 776 North Terminal Dr.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah


Parking spot dropped us off at terminal 1, we walked in the door, checked our bag, which was at 49 lbs. Then proceed to the security checkpoint.  It was somewhat busy, but it wasn’t if you know what I mean.

TSA Pre-Check

As I have mentioned before I have TSA precheck,  but since it closes at 8 PM and we were there about 8:30 PM. I thought all crap I will have to remove the following:

  • All the Liquids
  • Laptop
  • iPad
  • Take off my shoes

But once we got to the point of showing our passports and boarding passes we were given a sign that said TSA Pre-Check. So we didn’t have to do all the above. It was the best thing since sliced bread. Well, OK it isn’t but it is nice that we have that little perk.

Gate G4

Since that is what our boarding pass stated that is where we sat because they had changed the gate at the last minute to G7 and G4 was all clear and had plenty of room. Once it appeared that they were starting the boarding process we went over and good thing we did. I was called out over the speakers and it said.

“We want to stay Happy Birthday to Justin Jenkins and if you and group would like to come and board now you can”

Now that was nice. We got to board the plane a bit earlier and we had plenty of room for my bags.

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