2019- Golfing Trip – Casa Blanca Hotel

  • Room Comfort
  • Room Cleanliness
  • Value
  • Staff Services
  • Wi-Fi, Free
  • Facilities
  • Breakfast, Free


Room Comfort:


The room had 2 queen beds, a couple of lamps, a small table, fridge, microwave, and a TV on top of a dresser. You walked in and you turned left and went into the bathroom. Had a big countertop with a sink, a toilet, and a bathtub/shower.


You walked past the bathroom and it opened up into the 2 queen beds and the dresser with a TV and the rest of the stuff mentioned above.


Room Cleanliness:


The room was clean I couldn’t see anything with the room. We even checked for bed bugs as that is a thing nowadays. It was fine.




Not sure what was paid for the room as a friend paid for it. But it was room to hang out in while we were there.



Staff Services:


The interactions we had with the staff was sparse. We tried to get some information on how to win the car that the hotel was giving away. All the wrong information was given to us and we wasted half the day doing the wrong things. I guess only locals needed to do the right thing.




This was at best just hotel rated WIFI. I didn’t use it that much. So I couldn’t give a could review of that.




It was showing it’s age. Yes, it had state of the art slot machines but the whole building well let’s just say needs a major overhaul. The hot tub wasn’t working, it was just lukewarm water, and it was cold when we got out of it to go back to the room.



The buffet wasn’t open on the weekdays but we ate at the Casa Café and that was decent. A lot of food. It ran about $28.00 and my friend picked up the tab as he won playing blackjack.




Besides it being a Casino and smelling like smoke it was an OK place to stay.  I have stayed there before a long time ago. And yes the pool still closes early. The hot tub could have been better and the hotel looked like it needed an upgrade. Better information needs to be expressed and needed to advertise the buffet a little bit better. Went to other casinos in town for food.


Was it worth it


There was a sign that said “What Vegas used to be”, yes, but Vegas also grew up. The small town feel and it wasn’t like Vegas, it was more relaxing and we weren’t handed fliers every few minutes. The Casa Blanca was well worth staying for a few days. Things could improve, but they just tore down a casino in town. For people who come in and Golf like me and I don’t gamble a lot so they don’t make money off of me in that area. It was worth it for me.

Here are some pictures of the Hotel:

Here is a video of the room

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