10 ways to waste money on a cruise

Don’t waste Money on a cruise, here are 10 ways people waste money.

  1. ATM Fees – This can add up to a lot of money. The ATM aboard the ship could charge a fee of $5- 8 per transaction. Then the bank will turn around and charge you more. So make sure you come with plenty of cash for the port or for extra tipping.
  2. SPA Products—who don’t love going to the spa or getting a massage, but they will try and hard sell you right after the treatment. A good tactic for revenue for them but not for you. Most of the time they are overpriced products.
  3. Cash cube – I have never heard of this but, it is a game in the casino and it has many names. What you do is line up a key and fit it into a box to win $100, $500, $1,000, $2,500 or an iPad. But the key always just misses that slot. Some might win but the majority will walk away losers. Since the Random Number Generator isn’t going to win that often.
  4. Not understanding the sign and sail cards – Since the ships are a 100% cashless, all but the casino. So if you aren’t using cash then you might spend more since you aren’t using that cash. Your credit card is charged every night for the charges you incurred that day. The 5 sodas you had, that upcharge steak at dinner, your tips for that day and so on. They are charged daily. So if you can remember that your sail card is like your debit card then you will not spend so much.
  5. Cell Phone charges—Just turn off your phone, or at least put it in airplane mode. Those roaming charges can add up. There are ports you will be able to use it in, but not a lot. So just put it aside and relax.
  6. Pull Tabs – On some cruise lines before shows, the crew will walk around selling strips of pull tables where you could win $500 or more. These strips offer some of the worst odds, but yet some of the cruisers can’t get them fast enough. This just makes it easy for the cruise line to make money.
  7. Shore Excursions – If you buy these only with the cruise line this can cost you a lot more money than it would if you thru a different option. They can usually be a smaller group as well. If the ship tour is late getting back the ship will wait for you. But many third-party shore excursion companies offer the guarantee that you will be back on time.
  8. Drink packages/Cards – Not taking advantage of these packages it could cost you big time. If you are a large consumer of soda (pop) then this will be very useful. The café select card that Princess sells, you can save a bundle over the regular price of coffee. You can all also use it on future cruises if you have punches left.
  9. Not purchasing Future Cruise Certificates—so I will admit I haven’t done this yet and I have been on four cruises before this date. Not knowing when the next one will be, or when we will have enough money for another one. But this could be equivalent to throwing money away.
  10. Movies on Demand – Come on people get out and enjoy the ship. You don’t need to watch a movie in your room, why waste the money, usually around $10 for a movie when you can get it at home from Redbox.

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