Inside cabin? 7 Benefits

7 benefits for booking an Interior Cabin on a Cruise

With the four cruises I have been on, only one was a balcony, the rest have been inside cabins.  Read the following:

  1. You save a ton of money—if you get a guaranteed cabins they usually get the lowest price and a chance for a free upgrade.
  2. You can go on more cruises because you spent less – If you want to go on more cruise this will help you do that.
  3. You can spend more time walking around the ship and enjoying the fee amenities—The inside room is just a box, and the only time you need to be in there is when you sleep.
  4. You can sleep in Complete darkness – So I have only experienced the complete darkness once and it was very nice. But you have to have a clock of some sort so you can tell what time it is.
  5. You can still enjoy great views and portable privacy – This option will help you on your to walk more and get to see the ship.
  6. Less movement of the ship – They say you will feel the ship more if you have a balcony. Since the inside cabins are closer to the center mass.
  7. You save money – this is the second time this was mentioned. So it must be important.

I found these from this link (<– Click Link)

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