Day 1, April 1, 2017

We left the house around 2 PM on this nice Saturday. While people were mowing their lawns, planting shrubs, or working in their yards. We started our drive to Long Beach. But first, we had to stop at Walmart. Once that was done and we stopped at Arby’s to get something quick to eat. Then we were on the road.

It was a nice drive to Las Vegas, only saw a few highway patrol and they always had someone pulled over. Most of them passed us and we were doing about 87 MPH. Stopped in St. George, Utah to fill up with gas. The gorge, between Utah and Nevada, was a nice drive compared to the years in the past. No construction and that made it for a nice drive.

Got to Vegas and we stopped at Raising Cranes and had some dinner. That is one thing we look forward to when coming to Vegas. It used to be In and Out, but now that we have an In and Out close by it is just yea we can go there.  Since we don’t have Raising Canes, it is a good thing to look forward to. (I know I look forward to food). We met up with some people from our hometown and we talked for about an hour. It was nice our kids go to same high school and the daughter is a senior this year. So, it was a fun night. Since it was April 1 which is Aprils fools day. They posed with a wedding ring on and said   What happens in Vegas… Hopefully, people on their social media realized they were just kidding.

Got to the brother in laws house, talked for a couple hours then off to sleep. Even if Vegas was only a six-hour drive. I was tried, I was up at 6 AM and was going nonstop.

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