Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021

The good old drive to Lake Powell. I was just thinking that I drove part of this just a few weeks ago.


We packed up and left the house and headed south, not for the winter, but to pick up my youngest from SUU and then head over to Big Water. We will be spending the night there at the Rodeway Inn.

We made a stop in Payson, to get my wife some Taco Time, I wanted a shake. I didn’t get a shake, just Taco Time.

We continued our drive down I-15 towards Cedar City. It was a pleasant drive. We listened to FM 100.3 for a time, then nothing at all. My wife doesn’t like my music and I don’t like hers. Maybe we can find a podcast or something to listen to that we both can agree on.

Cedar City

Got gas at Maverick and then some Tropical Café smoothies, hum good. Then went and picked up my son and then headed out.  We went through Cedar Canyon.

Kanab to Big Water

Drove that 60 min drive in the dark, not a fun road to navigate at night, but I did it. We arrived at the Rodeway Inn and checked in.


It appears that nothing is open after 9 PM here in Big water, so we can’t get some water or chips for my wife. So stop in Kanab or Page and get some food.

Eventful day

Started the day off at home and then ended it in Big Water. Good day.