The Mix

We were in the need of some nourishment, and so we decided to find a place to eat. However, finding one was the usual thing. Frustration! I am sure we all have experienced this.

Didn’t want

Wife didn’t want the normal stuff we could get where we live, and didn’t want to try somewhat new things. So in comes a yelling disappointment sounding argument. 

The Mix

After walking to the LDS Temple and the Rocky statue we found a place to eat just a block from the airbnb. It was called the mix. It is a pizza place/bar/cocktail Resturant. We decided on getting separate things since compromise on a pizza will result in what the wife wants and that isn’t what I would like to have.

I got a Philly cheesesteak, why not I am in Philly after all, minus the mushrooms. The wife doesn’t like those so if she is going to kiss me later she can smell the mushrooms. 

Wife got the BLT so the same as usual.

Also got a slice of pizza


Here is the menu

Front Side
Back of Menu

It was a good place to eat. I got full, and well lately that is an easy thing to do. It also right down the block from the Airbnb we were staying out.