State of Utah

I live in the state of Utah; I haven’t talked about it yet. So here I am talking about the good old state of Utah.


Here are some facts for your information:

  • Capital:
    • Salt Lake City
  • Nickname:
    • The Beehive State
  • Population:
    • 3,271,616
  • Ranking in population:
    •  30
  • Admitted to the Union:
    • January 4, 1896, it was the 45th state.

The layout of the USA at the time it became a state

This is an Election map of 1896, thus the layout of Utah when it was admitted to the union


History, Brief


The ancestral Puebloans and the Fremont People lived here and the Navajo in the 18th century. 

Spanish Exploration (1540)

Franciso Vazquexx de Coronado explored Southern Utah. They went as far North as Utah Lake (Provo, Utah area)

Latter Day Saint Settlement (1847)

Brigham Young led the people after Joseph Smith died in 1844. With the ongoing conflict between the Latter-Day Saints and the neighbors, Brigham Young and Governor Ford, in 1845, the LDS would leave in 1846.

The first group reached Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. Over 70,000 pioneers crossed the plains in 22 years and settled in Utah

They settled cities all over Utah and the West.

Utah Territory (180-1896)

Utah was proposed to be the State of Deseret; that is what they wanted to call it. President Millard Fillmore picked Fillmore as the first territorial capital. It was moved to Salt Lake in 1856.

Due to the polygamous practices, a secret military went to Utah to crush the rebellious Mormons. The Civil War broke out, and the army left. Until a backup from California came, they wanted to bring as many non-Mormons as possible.

They were admitted to the union when the LDS agreed to stop the practice of plural marriage.

20th Century to Present

Utah has a lot of national parks, and the creation of the Interstate Highway System allowed for these to be more accessible.

Utah hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics.

There is a lot more.


It is a shocker that it was founded by Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints), so yes, LDS is highly religious. Let’s check out the rest.

Other Faiths2%

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints only has 55% of the population.

American Civil War

Federal Troops were pulled out, and they went to fight the war. The enslaved people that were in Utah were freed.


Utah isn’t known for sports, but it does have the following:

  • Utah Jazz
    • NBA
  • Real Salt Lake
    • MLS
  • Salt Lake Bees
    • Minor League Baseball
  • Utah Royals
    • Womens Soccer League
  • Utah Warriors
    • Ruby
  • Utah Grizzles
    • ECHL (Hockey)
  • Real Monarchs
    • MLS Next Pro
  • Ogden Raptors
    • Baseball Pioneer League

Of course, you have the following significant colleges

  • Brigham Young University (BYU)
    • Big 12
  • Southern Utah University
    • Big Sky
  • Weber
    • Big Sky
  • Utah Utes
    • PAC 12
  • Utah State
    • Mountain West
  • Utah Tech
    • FCS
  • Utah Valley University (UVU)
    • No football, but other sports in the WAC


This is my own opinion.

Utah might get a bad rep, but those are from people who

  • have never been here.
  • I don’t like the LDS religion.
  • After visiting it, they have a negative opinion of the state due to something they didn’t like. Most likely, LDS people.

I could go on, but the point is Utah is a good place. Yes, I have lived most of my life. It has a lot to do and some great places to see.

If you haven’t been here I would highly suggest it.




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