Southern Utah University, 2024

The campus was a busy one, indeed. It was full of students and families coming to the graduation of 3,837 students.

Bell Tower

They have this thing called a bell tower. Where you only walk under it twice. Once you come as a freshman and once you graduate.

  • Freshman
    • You walk towards the East, meaning walking to a new beginning as the sun rises.
  • Graduate
    • You walk under it towards the West. That means that this chapter of life is setting.

Master Degrees

Three people got master’s degrees. They were in their seventies. One got it in cyber security. Dang, that is good. He is keeping up with the times. Please keep him and his family safe in this new world of technology.

The Graduate

He worked hard and got his degree

The main thing

This year, instead of one Keynote speaker, they went a different route, which is fine. Here is the breakdown of the main things.

  • Processional of the graduates
  • Marshal
    • Shauna Mendini
      • Dean, College of Performing & Visual Arts
  • Posting of the colors
    • SUU ROTC Cadets
  • National Anthem
    • Arranged by Dr. Keith Bradshaw
    • Accompanied by the SUU Symphony Orchestra
    • Performance by
      • Emily Benson
      • Madison Hansen
      • Anne Turner
  • Greetings and Remarks
    • Mindy Benson
      • SUU, President
  • Musical Selection
    • Performed by SUU Choirs
    • Conducted by Dr. Andrew Briggs
    • Pianists
      • Tracey Brashaw
      • Diane Carter
  • Student Graduation Address
    • Holly Biesinger
    • Nick Stein
  • Conferring of Honorary Degrees
    • Jesselle B. Anderson
    • Gayle L. Pollock
  • Conferring of Degrees Class of 2024
    • Dr. John Anderson
  • Welcoming of SUU’s Newest Alumni
    • Caytee Wankier
      • Alumni President, Class of 2oo8
  • Recessional of the graduates

One busy night

Our seats for it weren’t the best, But it was all they had until the graduates sat down and opened up the rest of the seats to the public. So if you come late, you get a good seat. Not too many pictures.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Individual departments graduated. Of course, my son’s group was the last to be held, starting 30 minutes late. Luckily, it was a small class, but it still was a long time. But we have someone who has graduated from college.

Friends Along the Way

He made some friends along the way.

The president of Southern Utah University is below.

He worked with her this past year.


It was a fun and rainy weekend, but it all worked out.


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