March 22, 2019 Day 7, Fun day at Sea (last day)

The last full day at sea started out early for me. I was awake at 3 AM, and 6 AM. Going to the bathroom, either I have the prostate the size of a grapefruit or I have been drinking so many fluids, like water and lemonade no alcohol for me. I think it is the later one. Not the alcohol, but drinking a lot of fluids.


I ate in the buffet this morning and I just had some

  • Yogurt
    • Raspberry
  • Frosted Flakes
  • Raisin Bran
  • Orange juice
  • Hot chocolate

That was about all I could eat this morning, still full from the night before.

After Breakfast

Was spent video tapping some things around the ship, then watched some of Justice League while I awaited the rest to get up and get going.  They came up to eat and I just worked on a video, that will be pushed out in the next couple of weeks.

I then went to film a few things then came back to the same spot and the others were still there, and now I am just awaiting the chocolate bar to open up.


I wanted to get the Wok, but the line on both sides was so long, it wasn’t worth it, I already had it on the first day so I was good. I sampled on the different types of food, didn’t eat that much had some of the chocolate bars. I sort of just went up and got me a couple of milkshakes since no one was at that area.  Why wait in line when you can just jump to where you want something if no one is there.

After Lunch

I walked around the ship and did some video’s and talked to guest services. On the way back, to the room, after passing the casino, the open concept, I guess the smell of smoke from those cigarettes got to me as I got a huge, huge headache and I went back to the room and took some pills and laid down and went to sleep. It took forever for it to go away. But while I was asleep, the rest took advantage of room service and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cheesecake, and a Diet Coke and of course got nothing for me. A Coke would have been nice probably would have helped my headache.


We went to see the comic tonight, much better than the previous nights comic. We sat with our new Friends, Beth and Katelyn. We then went to the lip sync battle final and then went and packed. I know packing is not fun. We then went up and got some pizza, saw our new friends and talked to them for a while. Went and got a sandwich from the deli and some ice cream.

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After Dinner

We waited up for the late night snacks. NO, they really weren’t worth it, but people were lining up for some sort of food since it must have been like an hour since they last ate.
• Hamburgers
• Hotdogs
• Brownies
• Cookies

That is about it, my hot dog bun feel apart, so I had to just eat it with a fork and knife. Went down to bed and waited for about 35-40 minutes for a new movie to start since the previous movies had been over for a while they never did start back up so I just went to sleep, for my short nap. That is what it seems like lately.

Summary of day 7

For being the last day on the ship, the mood is somber and I think people just don’t want to leave or want to go back to the real world. Who really does?? I know I don’t want to. The last day has a number of mixed feelings. I am glad it is over, now back to normal things. The other feelings are where am I going to eat lunch and dinner tomorrow? Meet some new friends had some fun.

We will do this again, at some point. That is cruising. Might be a couple of years before we are back to the Mexican Riviera, but there are other places to go on this World of ours. Then I will think about going off world.

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