Ruby Princess, Specialized Dining

You have two specialty types of restaurants on the ship.


This is located on deck 16 in the aft of the ship on the Ruby Princess. This is an Italian-themed restaurant. It focuses on antipasti and pasta. They have a few fish dishes as well.

We dined for the first time on this cruise to the Panama Canal. This is the first time we are trying the specialty Restaurants.

We dined here on the first night of the cruise, and the food was good.

Crown Grill

It is located on Deck 7 towards the aft on the starboard side of the Ruby Princess. What is the Crown Grill, you might ask? Well, it is a restaurant with lots of meat: steaks and more.

We went there, our first time eating there, and we have been to Princess five times. My wife has always wanted to try this restaurant out. There wasn’t a wait when we showed up, and we got in right away.

Here is what the food looked like


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