Ruby Princess, Deck 15

Wait, we just skipped decks 8 -14. Why? Well, they are all cabins. Let’s find out what Deck 15 has for the public to use.

Deck 15

The first part of the ship is full of cabins.

Now, what public places are on deck 15?

  • Café Caribe
  • Calypso Bar
  • Calypso Reef & Pool
  • Coffee & Cones
  • Horizon Court
  • Horizon Terrance
  • Neptune’s Reef & Pool
  • Ocean Front
  • Outriggers Bar
  • Slice
  • The Mix
  • The Salty Dog Grill
  • Thermal Suite
    • Access from deck 16.

Break down the deck

Thermal Spa

It is in the middle of the decks at the front of the ship, but you need to access this from deck 16.

The Mix

Just another bar, you can get your drink and sit by the pool.

Salty Dog Grill

This one is free, for now, a great place to get a hamburger or a hot dog.

Neptune’s Pool

Several things are located in the middle of the deck. You can get a cone, dog, drink, and pizza, sit by the pool, or soak in a hot tub.

Coffee and Cones

You can get your ice cream cones, coffee, and specialty desserts here.


This is where the pizza is located; this is a free option.

Ocean Front

To talk about the Medialliton.

Calypso Reef pool

This is another pool with a couple of hot tubs

Calypso Bar

Yep, another bar. So you can get your drink at a lot of places

Horizon Court

This is the buffet on the ship.

Café Caribe

It is part of the buffet.

(see above)

Outriggers bar

You won’t have to walk far to get a drink as you sit at the back of the ship.

Horizon Terrace

They say this is an adult place on the ship, you know no kids. But it is nice to sit here and watch the wake.


Starting at the front of the ship, there is nothing here due to cabins

The middle of the boat on the starboard side of the ship is in the middle of the two pools.

Located in the Café Caribe



Yep, I did a video on this.