Rental Car, Kansas

While in Kansas, I wasn’t going to Uber it everywhere. So we rented a car.


We rented from National Car Rental. Now, you have to leave the airport and board a bus to get there. This was about the only thing that was normal about the last time I was here.

We went and got our car from the car rental place.

Kind of Car

We got a SUV, I wanted a car, but the wife wanted the SUV, so we got the SUV. It was a Grand Jeep Cherokee. It was white. It was nice.

Some of the features

  • Car play
    • Nice
  • Heated rear seats
  • A great defroster
    • But it was to not.
  • A lot more features

Needed it

Did we need it? Yeah, we did, as we did several things here in Kansas City, and doing Uber would be too expensive to go everywhere we went.


The rental was a good one. However, it always engages the parking lock when you put it in the park, which was a pain when you went to drive, and it wouldn’t move. I wish it would take off the brake when you take it out of the park.

Overall, this was a good car. It was nice and big and didn’t feel cramped at all.

The return was nice and easy; National made it work like a charm.

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