Provo Airport

As part of Provo, Utah, there is an airport. Yes, there is.

Get to Provo

Besides the Freeway exits of

  • Center Street
  • University Ave

You can get to Provo by using the airport.


It is located on the west side of Provo, Utah, next to Utah Lake.


The Provo, Utah, airport is a small regional airport. Mostly, private aircraft fly in and out of it. It was uncontrolled, meaning there was no control tower to direct traffic.

In 2005, the traffic control tower opened up, and that meant that the airspace around it was  Class D. This means that they control the following:

  • The radius of 4 nautical miles around the airport
  • Up to 7,000 feet

However, there is a circular cutout in the southern portion surrounding the Spanish Fork Airport to the South, since this airspace isn’t Class D


Provo was thinking ahead, maybe foreseeing the future, but they built a new area to house the Transportation Security Administration equipment for passenger screening.

They even have a millimeter-wave full-body scanner.

In 2019, Provo broke ground on a new $40 million terminal. This new terminal will initially have four gates and eventually have ten gates.


Allegiant Travel plans to invest $95 million in the airport’s expansion. Right now, four aircraft are based there.

Breeze Airways announced they would also create a base of four planes to fly five new routes.

2020 brought about the finished 328,000 sqft maintenance facility for Duncan Aviation. This is the most extensive US general aviation maintenance MRO.


This seems like a nice airport; however, I have never flown out of Provo Airport. I hope to change that soon, and when I do, I will give you a full tour.

 I saw President George Bush when he was campaigning to become the President. He made a stop in Provo.



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