Now that the trip is over, it is time to reflect on the trip.

The Cruise

This was a long time coming. We had one for May 5, 2020, and that was not happening. So we finally could book one going out of Vancouver to LA along the west coast of the United States.

It was set to go in Nov. of 2022, but with my next trip being 7 days after this, we canceled that cruise and moved it Sept. and the New England Cruise.

New York

The cruise went out of New York City, and this has been on my bucket list for quite a while. This didn’t disappoint at all. I enjoyed my time in New York City. I need to go back and explore more of the city.  The 2 full days just weren’t enough.


Going to places, I have never been to is quite a cool thing. Going on a ship after 2 years, was an exciting thing. This was the first cruise Enchanted Princess was doing in the United States. Yes, it was acquired in 2020 but due to the state of the world at that time, it didn’t start to sail until 2022 in Europe and then made its way over to the United States.

Looking forward to a port-intensive cruise. Out of the 7 days, there were 5 ports.

  • Newport, Rhode Island
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • St. John, Canada
  • Halifax Canada

I was looking forward to visiting these places. Well, we only made it to 2 of those ports. So it turned into 5 sea days, which I don’t mind at all. It gave me time to relax. Well, as best as I could.

Good Time

This was a good time. Sat on the balcony and looked at the sea. I watched the waves and it was nice.

  • Would I do this again?
    • Heck yea
  • Why?
    • I need to visit the places I miss.
  • Did I like the cruise?
    • Yes, I did, anytime I can get on a ship I would do it.

If you get a chance to go on this cruise. Go for it.