Other Transportation

When we arrived at Long Beach Airport and we needed to get to the Queen Mary, as they didn’t have a shuttle service. How odd is that a major tourist attraction and the hotel doesn’t have a shuttle. So we needed a ride. In comes, a place called.

Executive Car

This was done via Super Shuttle it was a private van, no sharing at all which was nice no other people to deal with. It ran me about $50.00 and with a $7.50 tip, it came to $57.50, not to bad.

We needed to give them a call when we landed and they would tell us where to go. So I texted them and called them when I got my luggage. But, we didn’t know where to go as they didn’t tell us. They asked us where we were at and we told them. They got lost and didn’t pick us up for a while. Which was fine. We jumped in the car for the 25-minute ride to the Queen Mary. It was fine we had the whole car by our self’s, which was fine as he put the back seat down to hold our luggage, which consisted of

• 1 x 28" checked bag, which weighed 50 pounds
• 2 x 22" carry on
• 1 x 19" carry on
• 2 x backpacks 
• 1 x tote bag

I ended up double tipping the driver, I forgot that I added a tip when I booked the shuttle service. Dang, it all to heck…

How did I find them

I found them by looking on Cruisecritic.com and doing a Google Search.

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