Oregon Trip Day 9, July 7, 2017

Today started out early well, 8 AM, we headed up to the last lighthouse up at Cape Meares in Tillamook. We stopped to look at the Cape Lookout State Park, it was a nice view of the ocean.

Next stop is the Cape Meares lighthouse which was a short one, put on the rock there. We were able to actually tour this one. It was an interesting tour. It was only a small gift shop and the lightroom, in which we had to climb up a set of stairs and they were narrow but it was nice to actually tour a lighthouse.


Next stop was the Tillamook Cheese Factory there in Tillamook, Oregon. They have an eatery, ice cream and cheese tasting in a temporary building while they are building a new visitors center.

Now, I didn’t get any pictures I know not very good of me

I hear the grilled cheese sandwich is what you need to get, so I got a cheeseburger.  That was a good burger.

Tasted some cheese had some freshly made ice cream. I got three scoops in a waffle bowl.  This place is a great place to go if you are ever in the area.

Kite flying and dinner

Got back and went to the beach to fly a kite and then ventured to a tide pool to see what was in store there.

Went out to Moe’s to get some clam chowder and some grub.

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