Oregon Trip Day 8, July 6, 2017

The day started out with a walk on the beach while the rest slept. When I got back the rest started to come alive. We ate breakfast and then headed out the door for Newport, Oregon, which is only 29 miles away but it is like a 45 min drive thru the winding roads of the 101.

Morning time

On the way to the first stop of the day, we stopped in Newport, Oregon and saw some whales.

The first stop was at the Tidepools @ Yaquina Head Lighthouse this cost us $7 to enter and it is a 3-day pass. The tide was still high so you couldn’t see anything that we wanted to see. But the lighthouse was nice and big, not quite what I am looking for. But we walked around it and looked around at the beauty that was offered there.  Pictures will be below in the afternoon part of it.

Next, we went to the Yaquina Bay LightHouse this was the only lighthouse left in Oregon that has the light and the house together. It isn’t in use right now and the Yaquina Lighthouse is the main one used. We looked around the house and it was quite small. It is amazing how simple of life they lived. There was a room of the light keeper just down from the light and they maintained it. It was only used from 1871 – 1874.

We had lunch in the park.

Afternoon time

The next stop was the Hart field Marine Science Center this was interesting you got to see a whole bunch of new things and learned some interesting things about the waves and what they want to do with them and they can help with the economy.  That will be interesting.

Then we went to the Devils Punchbowl where the tide fills up a big old hole. It was nice we walked across where the water was just at hours ago. It was a nice area to go to.

Then back to the Tidepools @ Yaquina Head lighthouse Since the low tide was happening. We saw some starfish and other sea creatures in the tide pools. It was an interesting place to go and the things we saw.

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