Did you know that this is the most popular state in the New England area? I didn’t know that.

Some Facts

Capital: Boston

Nickname:  Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Population: 6,894,723

Ranking in population:  15th

Beverage: Cranberry juice

Poem: Blue Hills of Massachusetts

Sport: Basketball

The layout of the USA at the time it became a state

They were admitted to the Union on February 6, 1788, it was the 6th state admitted. Before that, it was known as the Province of Massachusetts Bay.

Here is a map in 1783

In 1788, well the closest I could get is 1790


It was founded by the Brownist Puritans in 1620.

  • Christians: 57% in 2014
    • Protestants 21%
    • Roman Catholics 34%
  • In 2020 it went up to 67% saying they are Christians

Some other Religions may be found.

  • Buddhists
  • Pagans
  • Hindus
  • Seventh-day Adventists
  • Muslims
  • Mormons
    • They are Christians
  • Satanic Temple has its headquarters in Kripalu Center in Stockbridge.

American Civil War

Let’s just say that good old Massachusetts played a major role in the civil war. The anti-slavery activists want to influence public opinion to abolish slavery. The antislavery Republican Party became the political organization that most of the several northeastern states.

Sent 159,165 men to serve in that war. 133, 002 in the Army, and 26,163 served in the Navy.  The North was more advanced in the terms of industry than the South. The Springfield Armory was the supplier of weapons and equipment for the Union army.  They produced 1.5 million muskets for the war.


Favorite sport is Basketball, here is a breakdown of the teams in Massachusetts

  • Boston Celtics
    • NBA
  • Boston Red Sox
    • MLB
  • Boston Bruins
    • NHL
  • New England Patriots
    • NFL
  • New England Revlution
    • MLS

And many other spots and golfing things go on in this state.