Maple Lake

You don’t have to travel the world to experience things or see new things. There is so much beauty where I live you can explore and experience things and share things that will inspire people to visit.

Maple Lake

This is located up Payson Canyon at about 6400 FT above elevation

This is a map of Payson, The map couldn’t find Maple Lake.

This is how you get to Maple Lake:

  1. Take I-15 To Payson Main Street exit (260
  2. Head South on Payson Main Street until the stoplight which is the junction with HWY 198
  3. Turn Left (East)
  4. Turn Right, South, onto Canyon Road (600 East)  at the Peeteetmeet School
  5. Head south and follow the road several miles up into Payson Canyon until the turnoff for Maple Lake, which is marked with a sign and is on the right.
  6. Follow that road back towards the northwest for a mile or so to Maple Lake.


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