LA Trip, Sunday September 24, 2017

Since I was with a friend (Brett) and he is a Marriott gold or Elite member or something like that. We had access to the M Lounge. This is located on the 18th floor and it had a great view of the area.
This is where we enjoyed a free breakfast which consisted of
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • French toast
  • Oatmeal
  • Fruits
  • Pasties
  • Bread
  • Orange Juice
Here is a video of the M Lounge.
 We ate breakfast then went to the hot tub and relaxed  Then packed and headed out to Dodger Stadium.

Dodger Stadium

 We got there and parked in the 5 dollar lot again. Glad I found this place. We walked in and we walked around the stadium and saw more of it. Went into a couple of team stores to look at stuff. Ran into Ron Cey he played for the Dodgers and was called the Penguin by the way he ran.
Made our way to our seats watched the game. In the fourth inning about 49 min into the game, top of the fourth when Hunter Pence was up it was a 1-1 count. He hit a foul ball and well that one hit me. I was trying not to get hit in the face but it hit me and bounce off of my stomach and then hit the girl in front of me. She was able to grab it. Dang, it.
The game got over and we got some swag. Like always we were able to make it into the suite to look at it. Doors were locked but we got it and they are nice.

 Rest of the day

 Here is what we did until our flight left later that night:
  • We ventured over to the Coliseum, where USC plays
  • Found the LA Temple (LDS)
  • Went to Santa Monica pier

Took our car back and headed to LAX to head home. View of LA from the Airplane.

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