July 3 and 4, 2022

The day after the stadium of fire we headed back up to the camping. Yep, so what did we do?


We left early in the morning, like at 9 AM, and my wife wanted to go at 7 AM. Yea, that really happens.  We packed up the rest of the stuff, mainly the food for the night. We were in charge. We headed to the Wal-Mart neighborhood market. We call it small mart.  I asked them to get me a Lemon Pie, while I went and fueled up the Pilot.  I thought I would get something like this.

Yes, I know that Hostess isn’t around anymore. But there are other brands out there.  But, I got the following:

I looked at it and I said what the heck. My son said I got you a lemon pie. I was thinking like a hostess pie. You know so I can eat it on the way up. I guess I have to say get me a Lemon Pie in a wrapper, draw a picture.  I did finally eat it at the camp as my brunch.

We went up a different way, we went up thru Fairview Canyon instead of thru Scofield.  They say it is like 18 or so minutes faster.


This is what the camp looks like.

It was a nice place to camp. There were tents scattered everywhere, pretty far down. You can see it in the video.


The video will be out later.