Flight to Salt Lake City

The trip has to come to an end at some point, It is a sad day for us.

Trip home

we flew delta nonstop from Reagan national airport to Salt Lake City International Airport. we took the metro to the airport and got there we got through security just fine since we have TSA pre-check.

We found where we were going to take off from and I went exploring the airport which is fine I’ve already talked about the airport. We were bored at 7:57 nonstop flight. it was an excellent smooth ride home, however,  the movies had changed and I couldn’t watch what I wanted to watch I know bummer. I did make it I found something else I could watch.

So with it being Washington DC and things, you never know who you will run into at the airport. I ran into Senator Mitt Romney and happened to get off the plane right before us. He was coming back to Washington DC from Salt Lake City. he flew I’m assuming first class, as he stood there waiting for other people who were flying economy. Don’t get me wrong or anything like that but he was wearing a mask it was a personal choice and people still recognize him and we’re asking for photos. I took a few photos for people and I asked him I said hey Mitt did you come from Salt Lake? Mitt said yes I did come from Salt Lake. I then asked him if was it cold and he said yes. No, I didn’t call him senator Romney I just called him Mitt I used to have a lot of respect for him but I don’t anymore I’ll leave it at that.

Yeah so the flight home was good it was nice and smooth we didn’t run into any problems and we got home on time. Thank you delta for taking good care of us. Now