Day 3, Saturday

Day 3 begins with breakfast at the Drury Hotel. Then we are off to other adventures.  In which we will end up in Saint Robert, Missouri.


It was a good hot breakfast we had the following: (this is on the hotel review as well)

  • Waffle Station
  • Oatmeal
  • Grits
  • Gravy
  • Sausage patties
  • Potatoes (diced)
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Cereals
  • Juices
    • Orange juice
    • Apple juice
    • Cranberry

If you would like to see pictures, please look at the hotel review post.

World War I Museum

Kansas City is the host to the World War I museum, in which it talks about how that war was the great war and how it changed the world. At that time it was known as the great war. This place was an interesting place to go and look at. I learned a lot about World War I and what led up to it.  I will be talking about this on World War I Museum post.


We had lunch as that is what we did.

Saint Robert, Missouri

We left Kansas City and headed south of sorts. We did some twists and turns and so forth and stopped by the lake of the Ozarks State Park. It took us a while to get here, that we listened to a whole football game plus overtime.

We went to a plus called Uranus Fudge factory, it was an interesting place to visit. It is on route 66 and it is more of a tourist thing than anything. 

Went to Walmart, yes they do have a Walmart, went back to where my in-laws are living at and went to bed.


Long day and somewhat productive. Saw something that I wanted to see and that was a good thing. Listed to a football game, and drove. I would have rather watch the football game, however, we can’t get all we want. If we did this world we live in would be a madhouse.

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