Crown Princess

The Crown Princess has been a name in the cruise fleet several times. Let’s find out about the current ship called Princess


Here are some facts

  • Owner
    • Carnival Corporation
  • Operator
    • Princess Cruises
  • Port of Registry
    • Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Started to build
    • 3 May 2024
  • Completed
    • 26 May 2006
  • Maiden Voyage
    • 14 June 2006
  • GodMother
    • Martha Stewart
  • Tonnage
    • 113,500 GT
  • Length
    • 288.7 Meters
  • Height
    • 195 FT
  • Decks
    • 19
  • Speed
    • 21.5 Knots
      • 24.7 mph
  • Crew
    • 1,201
  • Guests
    • 4,800


The Crown has been all over the place in sailing. Here are a few of the places:

  • The Mediterranean
  • Northern Europe
  • Caribbean
  • Around South America
  • Pacific coastal cruises from LA
  • Hawaii
  • Northbound and southbound Alaska cruises from Vancouver and Whittier, Alaska
  • Round trip Alaska from Seattle
  • British Isles

Early in 2023, it was announced that the Crown Princess would be doing a 113-day world cruise from Sydney, Australia, in 2025.


In July 2006, about a month after the maiden voyage, it had an issue with Listing. This happened after the ship had just left the port of Canaveral. The Coast Guard arrived minutes after the call came out. The ship didn’t make it to New York City and turned around and went to Port Canaveral.

The ship was making hard turns, and at one point, it was at 24 degrees to starboard. This caused anything that wasn’t secure about the decks to go everywhere: passengers, crew, and pool water. I am sure stuff in cabins as well.

Fourteen people were seriously injured, and another 284 had minor injuries. There was one person who had a hard time breathing after being hit in the chest with a flying chair.

What happened? The second officer on the bridge at the time disengaged the automatic steering mode and tried to do the manual thing.

That would have been a pain in the butt to clean up. The pool water went everywhere, downstairs and in the Elevators.

My thoughts

I went on the Crown in 2015. This was a cruise to Alaska, and I enjoyed it. She had a lot to do and offered a lot of food. I loved the International Café on deck 5. That place had some great snacks and cookies.

The ship is a bit older but still has some years left. She doesn’t have all the newer ships, but the smaller ship feel is still lovely. I am not sure if 4,800 passengers is a small ship. I’m unsure if that is correct, but that is what the shipyard says.

On deck 7, you could walk all around the ship on the outside of the ship. Sometimes, it is closed off, but it is an excellent way to get some exercise.


Yep, I did one

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