Big Announcement

I am about to venture into some territory that I am not sure of and is this really the right thing to do. Let me explain.

Thinking for awhile

I have been doing some quarantine videos while I have been working from home. Yea, it was fun to do. Yea, my wife didn’t like it. But, it was fun to do. I stopped doing it. You can see videos over on my Vimeo channel here.

I was thinking, I know that could be bad, but I am so much more knowledge and the struggles I am facing.


I decided to finally do a YouTube channel. Yep, you have heard that right. I started a YouTube channel.  It is called Just Justin

Big Step

This is a big step for me, putting things out there on YouTube that are personal to me and some of the things going on with me. It will be all about me. So I will be talking about the following:

  • My health
    • Some of the issues I am facing
    • Weight loss progress
  • My travels
  • My Tech
  • My self
    • Some Fun Videos


Become a subscriber to my channel it will really help me out. Here is the first video I put out on YouTube.

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