Alaska Air and Hawaiian Air

Shortly after Hawaiian Airlines announced that it would be flying out of Salt Lake City to Hawaii, we got some more news about Hawaiian Air.

Dec. 3, 2023

Alaska Airlines announced that it would acquire Hawaiian Airlines. Here is the article on the Alaska Airlines website.

What Does this mean

Well, it means a lot

  • Fleet of Airlines to 365 planes
  • Combined networks will reach 138 destinations
  • Reach over 1,200 other destinations through Oneworld Alliance.

Rumor has it that they both will retain their own name.

The buying of the stock at $18 a share put the deal at $1.8 Billion. Alaska will take on $900 million of Hawaiian debt.


This will bring a different twist to the Alaska Fleet. They currently fly Boeing 737 planes and the Embraer 175. Hawaiian has the following: 

AircraftIn ServiceOrders
Airbus A321 NEO180
Airbus A330-200240
Boeing 717-200190
Boeing 787-9012

They use some Airbus models. Well, this affects Alaska’s Boeing model.

Alaska has had an issue with a Boeing 737 Max 9 plane where a door blew off. 

Only Time

Well, we will have to see if this can be approved. The FAA denied the JetBlue and Spirt Airlines merger.


Yep, I sure did a video

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