Yaquina Head

The main thing about the Yaquina Head is the Lighthouse, but it has the followings:

  • Tidepools
  • Trails
  • Interpretive center


Yaquina head is a narrow coastal headland formed by ancient lava flows. It has a mile-long pathway into the open sea and a mile-long pathway into the open sea for 4,000 years.  Coastal Indians used this pathway as a place to

  • Hunt marine mammals
  • Collect mussels
  • Seek spiritual renewal

Explorers used this as navigational markers for more 300 years before the U.S. before the U.S. Lighthouse was built. In 1980 the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area was established and this protects and provides for the Heartland

Things that are here

  • Abundant Life
    • Whale Watching
    • Harbor Seals
    • Birds
  • Historic Lighthouse
  • Interpretive Center
    • Interpretive and Educational Programs

Explore the Headland 

You can walk the trails and there are 4 of them. They are

  • Lighthouse Trail
    • It is about 0.35 mile
      • This is an easy, paved trail begins at the interpretive center and follows the headland’s southern bluffs to Cobble Beach and the lighthouse. You can watch for Whales and seals
    • Salal Hill Trail
      • Length/time 0.8 MI
        • Short walk but it is a steep one
        • Series of switchbacks
        • Town of Newport is to the south
    • Communications Hill Trail
      • Length 0.85 MI
      • You go up to gated gravel road through a shore pine and Sitka spruce forest.
    • Quarry Cove Trail
      • Length 0.55 MI
      • Offers a tunnel
      • You can look at the Yaquina Bay jetties as the trail climbs up a few stairs, along the bluff and down to the lower quarry.
  • Beach Exploration
    • There are two beaches and they are different but fun to explore.
      • Quarry Cove’s protected shoreline is sandy and enticing to both shorebirds and young children. An accessible viewing platform often offers a close up look at harbor seals during high tide.
      • Cobble Beach is a rocky intertidal ecosystem teaming with life
        • Sea stars
        • Urchins
        • Anemones
      • During low tide you can see all of the above.
      • During high tide the waves coming in and hit the cobblestone and make a unique noise.
  • Interpretive Center
    • From a full-scale replica of the lighthouse lantern to a recreated rocky island, exhibits interpret the natural and human history of Yaquina Head.
    • Park rangers offer guided tours of the historic lighthouse. You have to be at least 42″ (inches) to climb the stairs.
    • When the tide is out the Rangers help with the tidepools at Cobble Beach.


  • The Interpretive Center
    • Is open daily from 10 -4 closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Light house
    • Open for guided tours only and they vary by season
    • Reservations are accepted for limited tours
    • Book thru recreation.gov or call 1-877-444-6777
  • Tide pools
    • Varies with the tide
    • Check the tide table before you visit


  • Passenger vehicle $7 (3 days) or $15 for annual pass
  • 20 passenger bus $25
  • 21+ passenger bus $50
  • Oregon Pacific Coast Passport $10 for 5 days pass $35 for annual
  • America the Beautiful National Park and Federal Recreation Lands Passes are issued/sold and accepted


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