Cruise Day 4 Sea Day

November 28, 2013 this was a sea day and Thanksgiving. I went on the behind the fun tour of the ship. It was an interesting tour. We couldn’t take any camera’s phones or anything with us. We got to see the crew cabins, dining room, party room, storage for all the food and drinks. They explained how things worked like the luggage, the supplies and how they have it all sorted and it goes down the main path on the ship. We got to see the bridge, and that was cool. My son stayed in the room and read his book, the rest of us went and walked around the ship. We went to a thing in the Paris theatre and my son got picked to go up on the stage. They were shocked when he said he was only 13 but yet, he was taller than the cruise director. Yes, he was about 6 feet tall. He won the challenge and got a trophy. Had dinner that night and it was the typical Thanksgiving dinner, Turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. It was good.  We had to put our luggage outside our room before midnight. So we packed up and placed a few bags out. Kept a carry on with us, the sombreros as well.

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