Tahiti Village


Room Comfort:
The room was nice and comfortable. It had a mini kitchen, a sofa that turned into a queen bed. Then it had its own bedroom with a king size bed in it.
The room had two separate TV’s in it.

Room Cleanliness:
The tub was really dirty and it was gross. The water was backing up and it wasn’t what I wanted in my place to stay.

It was a nice place, considering that I didn’t have to pay for it.

Staff Services:
They were fine, it took them over 2 hours to send someone to come and work on our clogged tub. The maintenance guy said he would have been there earlier. If they told him it was occupied. The communication could have better.

Wi-Fi, Fee:
There was WI-FI, but it was an AT&T hotspot. It was fine for me as I am on AT&T. But, this isn’t a good thing for a hotel. It wasn’t secure in any way shape or form.

Lack of communication is a key thing here. We did figure out that the shuttle took us to the strip and dropped us off at two different places. Would have been nice to know beforehand. Some of the problems were the disorganization of the shuttle. I saw people sitting there for the shuttle, then once it shows up a whole bunch of people jump the line. Oh, wait there really wasn’t one. They could have been a line or some way to make sure that the people who were waiting for the longest got on.

They were nice, you had a pool, 2 hot tubs, open 24 hours, and a lazy river. They had a restaurant and bar. Parking was a bit a nightmare. But with this being a timeshare, it is going to be.

No free breakfast, so breakfast in the room it was. Since I provided it was good.

Review (Summary)
If you are looking for a good getaway and can sit thru a timeshare presentation then this is a good place. If they can get over the lack of communication it would be a good place.

Here is a video of the Tahiti Village and the room review


Here are some pictures as well


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