San Francisco Trip, April 8, 2015, Day 1

Wednesday, April 8, 2015, the trip almost didn’t happen. We got up and loaded the car up and headed to the airport, however, the car was almost out of gas. Different story for a different day. We had to stop and get gas. Then we had to park and take the shuttle in. We got in line for the TSA checkpoint, we checked in online, and he got lucky and got to go through the VIP lane, didn’t have to take our shoes off, belts off, laptop out of the bag. They were doing boarding and we walked in found out seats and the plane took off shortly after that.

This was my kids first time on a plane, I know, I know I am a horrible parent since we just drove everywhere. The kids enjoyed it, well except for the youngest who is 6’ 3” and about 270 it was kind of tight.

We got to San Francisco and went and got our rental car. My oldest picked it out and this is what he picked. Small car but it was a fun car.  We drove to the hotel, Vagabond Inn Executive. Checked in and decided to go tour San Francisco and then we drove to Santa Cruz

We found a place to eat for the night. It was called Pizza Studio. I love this place. We each got to make our own pizza. So, we didn’t have to get what just one person wanted. We had what we wanted to eat. I am glad that we found this spot. We took it back to the motel and ate then went to bed.

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