Day 9, Saturday, June 2, 2018, Alaska Trip

Is this really coming to an end? I guess so the last few hours of the cruise are coming to a close. We got into bed around 2 AM, we had a lot of packing to do. We set five bags, yes FIVE of them,  out and we still had some in the room.

Breakfast and off the ship

We woke up and finished to pack and left the room, it felt like they were rushing us out the door so they could prepare for the next people coming on.

We went to breakfast in the Da Vinci dining room, the last one aboard the ship. It seems like they are still having problems with getting by orange juice to me. After breakfast, we headed to club fusion with the rest of the group. We were silver 3 but I told the rest of the group we were silver 6 so we could just go and sit in club fusion at the back of the ship instead of at the front of the ship. We sat there until about 9:45 AM, we were the last group called. I did that on purpose. So we could be towards the end of the people getting off the ship and that we could hopefully get checked in to the hotel earlier.

We picked up our luggage and went thru customs, no line no wait, which was nice. Probably the best and fastest we went thru customs before.  Now we are headed towards the shuttle to go to the hotel.

Hotel and the rest of the day

Once at the hotel, we checked in and they allowed us to do an early check-in like at 11 AM. Without incurring an additional charge. We put our stuff in the room and then went to catch the light rail into downtown for a long day.



We got to Westlake Center and went to Pikes market. Had lunch. Two of ate at Market Diner and the other two at somewhere else. It was good food, the only problem was we had to pay for it. Walked around the public market for a bit and then went to the (gross) gum wall. This all probably started because someone was too lazy to throw their gum away and decided to stick it to the wall. I stuck my gum on the wall.

We then walked back to Westlake center and got on the Monorail to head to the Space Needle. We were in the front of the line when some people thought that they were better than the rest and came over and butted right in front of everyone. They must have some form of entitlement to do that.

Went to the Space Needle, and well, 4 of us got to ride the elevator up right away and the rest had to stand in the long line. I mean really long line. They were doing construction on the deck to make it better. It was a nice view of the city and the port,

Walked around a bit and then made our way back to Westlake center, and then heading back to the hotel. But, we didn’t make it there, we stopped at the airport.


Rented a car

We went and rented a car so we could go to a couple of places my wife wanted to go. Not anything else, but the wife. So we got a Ford Flex and we drove out of the airport and headed to the places.

Troll under the bridge

We found the troll under the bridge, and yes, it was just a cement troll under the bridge. It was a popular place as there was a lot of people hanging out there taking pictures. However, there was all so the graffiti on it. Low life scum bags. We saw it and then left all of about 10 min.

Gasworks Park

Next, we headed over to gas works park, and got out and walked around and looked at Union Lake and the gas pipes that were there. I guess that is why it is named gasworks park. Spent about 30 min there. It seemed that prom was still going on here in Seattle, as that is where they were taking pictures at.


A place with a view

Next stop was a place where there was a view of the skyline and stuff. We had to drive for like 20 min to find this place. We were hungry, but we needed to find this place first. We found it, took some pictures and then left. Last about 3 Min.


Seattle LDS Temple

Next stop was the LDS Temple over in Bellevue, we drove out there and walked around that for a like 20 min.

Then got back in the car and we were still hungry, went to find a burger, but most everything was closed. So we headed back to the hotel tired and hungry and went to bed about midnight.


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