Alaska Cruise 2015

Left the kids home on this trip, the oldest one had to work and the younger one went camping to Zion’s National Park. We got a morning flight to Seattle aboard Delta. Since we didn’t want to pay for an extra bag, we only packed a carry-on and a personal bag. It made it interesting. This being our 3rd cruise, we knew what to pack and what not to pack. Besides who needs all the luggage to haul around. People thought we were crazy for only packing two bags and that is OK we thought they were crazy for packing 4 bags.

Once we arrived in Seattle we gathered up all our group extra baggage and went to meet the hotel shuttle, to take us to the Comfort Inn & Suites hotel near the Sea-Tac airport. We checked in got settled, and then went on our way to explore Seattle.

We took the shuttle over to the sound transit link light rail. It took us into downtown. We went past the football (Seahawks) and baseball (Marnier) stadiums. We got off and explored the downtown area we saw the following:

  • Gum wall
  • Really different and pretty gross. But it was a popular place for the tourist to go.
  • For Lunch, we ate lunch at Fisherman’s, down by the Seattle Great wheel
  • Pike Place Fish Market
  • Looked around at the different things they had there.
  • Walking tour of Seattle:
  • We made our way to the Space Needle over on Broad Street. We walked around it, however, we didn’t go up in it, since we have already have been there. We walked around and made our way back to the Light Rail station. While walking we run into a protest, I found that interesting.

On the way back, our youngest son called us since he wasn’t feeling very well and the older brother was gone. So my mom, his grandma, drove down and took him to the doctor, he had an ear infection. Nothing like being 893 miles away and you can’t do anything.

He got it taken care of and went camping without an issue, the oldest one got a lecture. But thank goodness for grandparents.

We made our way back and stopped at Subway for dinner. We retired to bed, it was a long day.


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