2017 Spring Break, Day 5, April 5, 2017

First port day of the cruise as arrived. Early morning came up and I didn’t get up and work out, I know, I know. Just didn’t feel like working out.  So here is what happened today.

Breakfast was in the Mardi Gras dining room and it was good, pancakes, eggs, and sausages. You can’t beat that good breakfast. Then we went to the Paris lounge where we got our stickers to use the tender over to Catalina. Not sure what the purpose was behind this but we got them. We needed to have a government-issued ID in order to go over to Catalina. This was also new to us, as we didn’t need anything to leave the ship in Alaska.  We got on the tender and headed over to the island, they let us off somewhere different this year. Instead of the main pier, they dropped us off on a floating drop off point. We walked Main Street and looked at the shops. We then went parasailing, well my son did that while we rode in the boat.  He had a blast doing that. While he was up in the air we came upon a group of dolphins. They swam alongside the boat for a bit. My wife was excited that she was able to see her favorite animal up close and personal. We paid the extra $20 to get the photo package, and that was for about 50 photos.  Well, we got about 160 photos altogether since we got a lot of photos of the dolphins.

Once that was over, we went back to a couple of the shops and bought a few items. One of them was a cactus cooler in a bottle, I have only seen these in cans. As we buy a 12 pack every once in a while and they are usually gone in hours.

We got some ice cream and candy, that set us back about $34 dollars. We made our way back to the ship and had some lunch. I tried the Bluelguana today, a fish taco and burritos. Once again I ate too much.  Went up the top of the ship and took some pictures of the ship and the surrounding area. Went back to the room and took a nap for an hour or so. Really wasn’t that hungry but we headed over to the early dining at the Carnival dining room where we proceeded to eat dinner. By this time I am stuffed, I mean truly and fully stuffed.

After dinner, we went up to the candlelight lounge and listened to John DiCrosta and Russ Nagel perform. John is funnier by far. It was standing room only.  Went walking around the ship afterward. Went up the to the front of the ship on deck 13, by the mini golf area and didn’t see much as it was darker than dark.  Went walking around and ended up in the lido deck buffet area, where we got an ice cream cone. Then we went back to the room. Feel asleep until I came up here to check out the late night snacks they are offering. I only had some ice cream and hot chocolate. But here is what they offered.

Now off to bed, as it is past 12:30 AM


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