Enchanted Princess, Internet

Nowadays the internet is an essential thing in life. I think we depend on it way too much.


When booking the cruise you could pick a fare that included wifi for 1 device and the drink package. Well, I didn’t get that. I opted for the 4-device package for $139 dollars. Yes, that isn’t a typo. It was $139 for 4 devices

I wanted to use them for the following:

  • My phone
  • Wife’s phone
  • My laptop
  • My iPad

That didn’t work out.

  • My phone
  • Wifies phone
  • In-laws phones

I did use one for my laptop for a couple of days. But, I let them use the network.


Now I didn’t do a speed test on the internet but it was slower than slow. To me, I don’t think it was worth the $139 dollars it cost me. I have heard that it is slower than slow. But, when I couldn’t even open up an email in a timely fashion. Then you know it is slow. When my in-law’s internet is faster than the ships you know there is an issue. They live out in the country and well,  they don’t have fiber as I do. So I am used to the fast internet and not slowness.


Was it worth the $139 for the week? If you take that price and break it down to per device. It comes out to be $34 dollars per device. If you look at it costing $35 per week per device then the shock of $139 isn’t too bad.  But still, that sticker shock of $139 dollars, is a lot to get over.

 Fast Internet at Sea

Well, that is what Princess used to be. Now that Royal Caribean just signed a deal with Starlink. They are the fastest internet at sea. I know back on my Feb. 2020 cruise it was a lot hell of a lot faster.

Yes, there have been so many complaints about the internet being slow. They really need to figure out what to do with the net. To charge people that much money for slow internet, it looks like it is just taking money.

Hopefully, it will get better.  We are out in the ocean and yes, there isn’t a fiber cable following us. It is based on satellites.