The State of Texas

Texas is the Lone Star State.

Capital: Austin

Nickname:  The Lone Star State

Population:  29 Million

Ranking in population: 2nd

Layout of the USA at the time they became a state

They were admitted to the Union on December 29, 1845.

Biggest Cities

The state of Texas is huge and it has some of the largest cities in the nation.

  • Houston
    • Most populous in Texas
    • 4th in US
  • San Antonio
    • Second in Texas
    • 7th in US
  • Dallas-Ft Worth
    • Fourth largest metropolitan statistical area in the country.
  • Greater Houston Area
    • Fifth largest metropolitan statistical area in the country.
  • Austin is the second most populous capital in the US.


Is favored by the Spanish Catholic and American Protestant colonialism.

  • Christian 75.5%
  • Catholic 28%
  • Protestant 47%
  • Other Christian 0.5%
  • Unaffiliated 20%

American Civil War

This is an interesting one considering that 30% of the state population was black and they were enslaved, Texas favored the confederacy. They provided large numbers of means and equipment. However, about 2,000 men severed in the union army.

After the war the economy was destroyed, however, they rebounded quickly as it wasn’t dependent on the slave trade.


You would think that with Texas being big as it is, there would be a lot of sports (Profesintal teams) here.

  • NBA
    • Dallas Mavericks
    • San Antonio Spurs
    • Houston Rockets
  • MLB
    • Houston Astros
    • Texas Rangers
      • Plays in Arlington
  • NFL
    • Houston Texans
    • Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL
    • Dallas Stars
  • WNBA
    • Dallas Wings
  • MLS
    • Austin FC
    • Houston Dynamo
    • FC Dallas
  • Collage teams
    • Big 12 conference
    • American Athletic Conference
    • Sun Belt Conference

Great state for some sports.


The state of Texas is massive and there is so much to see and do. The second-largest state in Area after Alaska. Also, second in population after California. It has a lot of history and is a place you must visit.